Global Obesity Collaborative (GOC) is a vibrant network of professionals dedicated to the prevention and treatment of obesity and its related health challenges.


We believe that the complexity of obesity demands a multifaceted approach, and that's why we've brought together experts from interdisciplinary fields including medicine, surgery, nutrition, psychology, public health, policy, technology and research… etc.



Why Join GOC?
- Innovation Hub: Be part of a dynamic community where fresh ideas and cutting-edge research come to life.

- Collaborative Projects: Engage in collaborative projects that span the globe, targeting obesity from multiple angles.

- Professional Development: Grow your expertise through workshops, seminars, and mentorship from global leaders and experts in the field.

- Policy Influence: Contribute to shaping policies that can make a real difference in the fight against obesity.

- Global Impact: Make a lasting impact on a global scale by being part of solutions that reach across borders.


What We Offer?
- A platform to share knowledge and learn from peers.
- Opportunities to publish research in renowned journals.
- Access to a wealth of resources and databases.
- Support in securing funding for research initiatives.


How You Can Contribute?
Whether you're a seasoned researcher, a healthcare professional, a policy maker, or a student passionate about health, there's a place for you in the GOC. We welcome diverse perspectives and skills to enrich our collaborative efforts.


Join GOC now!